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             Sites come, sites go. Kindly let us know if any of these links don't work, or if you know of
             a site that would be a good inclusion.


           New Mexico Summer Monsoon Season Precipitation Mapping -
from the University of     
              Arizona, via NOAA. Updated daily from June 15 to September 30 (traditional monsoon season).

           UV Index by location
- from the EPA. Type in your location in the blue box on the left-hand
              side of the screen. Displays real-time UV index scale.

            USGS Current Water Data -
real-time & historical gage readings for groundwater, streams
               & rivers(heights & currents).
From the USGS NWIS (National Water Information Service).                 
               Be forewarned.

           Earthbags, materials, & construction techniques

              Earth Architecture and Ceramics: The Sandbag/Superadobe/ Superblock Construction System
              (Khalili / Vitorre) - Technical paper submitted to the ICBO in 1998 (1.80 Mb; PDF download)
              Earthbag Structures - Focus on
earthbag solutions for disaster (and disaster-prone) regions
              Earthship Biotecture -
rammed earth in recycled tires, instead of in poly & burlap bags. Extensive
              information on systems.


              Green Home Building
- Kelly Hart's phenomenally comprehensive site
              Calearth Institute - Founded by Nader Khalili in 1986; doing the good work. Specialize in superadobe
               construction (tubular continuous polypropylene bags. Great place for workshops.

              Quentin Wilson
(instructor of Northern NM College's Adobe Construction Program; not earthbags,
              but still relevant)

Earthbag House Plans - Owen Geiger's site
OKOKOK Productions (Hunter & Kiffmeyer's once excellent site - currently offline???)
- venerable site of Kelly Hart & Owen Geiger
             Earthbag Building Blog (also from Hart & Geiger; what's going on abroad)

             Écobâtiment - In French. Un site agréable et informative. Basée au Québec.
             USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service Web Soil Survey application - easy to use application
              to access National Cooperative Soil Survey data for your region (all the way down to your back     
              yard). Clay content, salinity,
drainage, plasticity index... more than you can imagine. Outstanding. 
              Your US tax dollars at work, folks.

     Plastering, rendering, and papercrete:
              New Mexico Clay - wonderful source of dry clay additives (in different colors), mica additives, and

              Mud for Everyone
- Erica Ann's wonderful website
              Earth Plaster How-To
- from the folks at Dancing Rabbit

              Lime Plasters & Renders
- the Earth Pigments Co. 
              Lime Stucco Plastering -
Jim Phypers' site; nice photos of application with a sprayer
              Papercrete Educational Website - part of; cheap books & great links!
              Mixers (Papercrete or plaster) -
Gordon Solberg of Las Cruces features Mike McCain's
rd world mixer on his site.

         Books (with extracts for viewing)...  or order from us through Amazon
Earthbag Building - Kaki Hunter & Donald Kiffmeyer - a classic!
               The Art of Natural Building
- Joseph Kennedy, Michael Smith, Catherine Wanek                                  
               The Natural Plaster Book
- Cedar Rose Guelberth, Dan Chiras
               The Cob Builder's Handbook - Becky Bee

               Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints and Preservation - Carole Crews


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