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We?re a small home-based business in Albuquerque. We got started in 2009, offering bags & supplies to folks interested in earthbag & other alternative construction. In 2012, we expanded to offering filled sandbags to industrial & commercial clients for landscaping, flood & erosion control, engineering, and other purposes. Our clients include defense contractors, governmental & pueblo agencies, corporations, businesses large & small, and - of course - individual earthbag builders.

Our name - NM Dirtbags - came about literally. We actually started by selling bags of dirt. Nowadays, we use sand from recycled concrete for our filled sandbags, and can handle special fill orders (gravel, scoria, clay-rich soil, you name it), and we recently purchased a bagging machine. Where we have been filling bags by hand at about 100 per hour, we're now equipped to crank out 1,000 bags per hour. As the only sandbag company in New Mexico, we feel uniquely positioned and hope to be able to meet the opportunity.

Our business model is a little unconventional, and is based on the following principles and practices:
  • Fairness. We?re not interested in getting rich; we?re more interested in just getting by
    (and in maybe having fun doing so). Whenever we can find cheaper ways to do things, we'll lower our prices correspondingly. With this in mind, we promise to keep our prices reasonable, our quality and customer service high. In turn, we expect our customers to be fair and reasonable in return.

  • Responsibility. We?re community-minded, and we intend to offer our support as we grow.

    This includes financial and material support of organizations we believe in, and setting up
    partnerships, as business growth allows, to provide jobs and opportunity for Albuquerque
    youth, veterans, and folks who've hit hard times (too many, these days).

    We go out of our way to provide work, when we have it, to people who are disadvantaged or facing barriers to employment. Priority goes to minorities, women, veterans, ex-felons, and single parents . We're proud to say that we  pay our people a minimum of $10 an hour. This  makes our prices higher, true, but it's the right thing to do & helps sum up our business ethic.

  • Advocacy. Earthbag construction is a wonderfully creative, innovative, and viable alternative for low-cost housing that utilizes one of New Mexico?s most abundant resources. To this end, we hope to be able to serve as advocates to spread the word and promote broad acceptance by city, county, and state building codes.

We invite you to share your questions, your experiences, your triumphs, your photos, and your feedback (good or bad, but please be nice & constructive). We really count on you to see what direction this all takes.

Juli & Daniel

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