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Note: We are currently not providing filled bags.

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We've been at this since 2009. As with so many other small businesses, the past two years have been hard on us.

Critical supply chains have broken down. Reliable labor has become next to impossible to find or keep (it's true, no one wants to do this kind of backbreaking work!). Changes in seasonal monsoons have seriously impacted demand for flood management. On top of it all, we've been hammered by an array of personal and family health issues. Consequently, we've found it necessary to shut down our filled sandbag production, at least until further notice. Hopefully,
this will be temporary until we can regroup. Or find an angel investor willing to take a chance on us.

In the meantime, we're shifting to earthbag construction (our first love). We'll continue to sell empty bags and earthbag supplies, and we might continue to take on the odd erosion/flood control & remediation project.

Having served as New Mexico's sole full-service sandbag company for 13 years, we understand that our absence will leave a void. If you're in dire need of filled sandbags, consider the following options:

  • For 1-10 bags, most Albuquerque fire stations can provide bags & sand. Call ahead before you make a trip.

  • For larger quantities, you can purchase empty bags from us by appointment or from White Cap, just off Osuna on Washington.

Sand by the yard (or ton) can be purchased and delivered by most aggregate companies.
For smaller quantities, you can often find free sand, fill dirt and/or gravel on Craigslist.

We've had a good run, and are grateful for the friends and relationships we've made over the years. To all of our past and regular customers, many thanks! Stay tuned, be well.

Best regards,

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